Provide self served, engaging and impactful remote workplace assessments

In the office, at home or anywhere else, use intelligent questionnaires, cutting edge computer vision and a personalised recommendation engine to fix work setups!
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How does it work?

Issues like back pain are the number 1 cause of absence from work.

Desk setups and proper ergonomics are crucial for reducing these musculoskeletal issues and improving job satisfaction, efficiency and overall happiness. 


With the shift to remote and mobile workforces, existing manual and labour intensive desk assessments won’t cut it. 

As experts in musculoskeletal health we can tell you, there's going to be an explosion of MSK problems for companies who don't find a way to take care of it. 

Vitrue VIDA is the solution


Vitrue VIDA provides fully self served, in depth desk assessments using a combination of adaptive questionnaires, webcam assessments using computer vision technology and advanced recommendation engines.

You can provide your team with beautiful, engaging and comprehensive desk assessments with no labour cost.

Beautiful, personalised reports to engage users and save costs

Every assessment generates detailed recommendations to improve the user’s setup. Rather than employers spending huge sums with no guidance the system can tailor any improvements to a particular user’s needs with both budget and advanced suggestions. 

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