Help your team avoid desk based injuries

Send cutting edge desk assessments to your team using AI intelligent questionnaires and computer vision technology through their webcam
Reduce back

Remote assessments are completely self served. Empower your team to detect risk factors in their work setups and inexpensively fix them.

Improve employee wellness

Musculoskeletal health is one of the most important parts of health related quality of life and can be damaged by poor work setups. Luckily, with the right knowledge its easy to improve. 

Remote office efficiency

Well set up teams are efficient teams! Don't just throw money at the problem, guide your team to set up the perfect workspace for less!


How it works


Health assessments

Your team will complete short AI generated personalised questionnaires


Invite your team

Each member will receive a testing link right to their inbox


Desk assessments

Vitrue's innovative computer vision algorithms assess your teams workspace using just their webcams


Auto reports

Results are automatically compiled to help you and your team improve work setups

Emma, Senior Accountant

My back had been killing me for weeks before doing the Vitrue Remote assessment. I had no idea how badly my home office was set up!

Harriet, Head of Wellness

We had been providing generous vouchers to employees to set up their remote setups. But they had no idea what to spend it on before we set up Vitrue Remote!

James, COO

Before Vitrue Remote, DSE assessments were a tick box exercise for us that nobody was enthusiastic about. Staff have come asking about getting involved when they heard colleagues talking about Vitrue Remote!

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