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Are your team at risk of burnout?

Rates of burnout are up 48% over last year.


Get ahead of the problem by providing your team with scientifically-proven burnout assessments that empower employees to self-correct with best practice mental health and wellbeing recommendations.


Reduce burnout symptoms and risks.

Recommendations for users are in the 5 categories leading research says are key to assessing burnout symptoms and risks.

       1. Exhaustion

       2. Mental distance

       3. Cognitive impairment

       4. Emotional impairment

       5. Secondary symptoms

Recommendations are shared in simple, clear, and sympathetic but encouraging language. They are also easily actionable.

Research shows that just being aware of key burnout symptoms is key to fixing them.

How it Works

1. Invite Your Team

Add employees' emails to the list and the burnout assessment appears in their inboxes.

2. Mental Health Check

Employees answer questions designed by leading academic and peer reviewed research. 

3. Burnout Awareness

Results show where burnout symptoms or risks are with personalised recommendations on how to reduce these. 

4. Employer Insights

HR/Wellbeing leads see where burnout symptoms and risks are most common in the business. No personal data is shared for privacy reasons.

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