Frequently asked questions

What is VIDA?

VIDA stands for Vitrue Interactive Desk Assessment. VIDA will increase your team’s efficiency and happiness while reducing absence due to musculoskeletal injuries. Employees can run through the assessment themselves in 5 minutes. This really is light-years ahead of the tickbox DSE assessments most people are used to. It automatically assesses and improves employee’s desk setups using advanced computer vision technology (actually developed for injury prevention when working with premier league football teams) and intelligent questionnaires.

How can I sign up to VIDA?

You can start a free trial today. Just go to and click "Start Free Trial" To start a new subscription

  1. Once you are on the dashboard hit the banner at the top which says subscription or account on the left of the dashboard and hit the heading subscription.
  2. Click the "Upgrade Now" button in the banner at the top or go to "Account" on the left of the dashboard
  3. Choose which subscription you would like and proceed with payment
  4. Note if you select the enterprise subscription one of our team will be happy to help you tailor a package that suits your needs.

How do I invite employees to carry out a VIDA asssessment?

It couldnt be simpler; Click the blue Desk Assessment Tab on the homescreen and and simply fill in the name and email adress of the person you would like to invite.

How do I view my results?

If you are using the preview version your results will appear after you have completed an assessment but then they will not be saved or available for you to review them. If you complete the assessment with a subscription you will have your results emailed to you. They will also be avilable on VIDA website for you to review and compare to your furture assessments. Your results will aslo be sent to the admin team so they can see how they can help set you up effectively

My webcam is in the bottom corner of my laptop, does this ean I can't do the webcam assessment?

Unfortunately our algorithms require your camera to be in the center at the top of your screen. However you can easily skip this section and still get all of the other sections of the assessment.

What browser can I use?

Make sure you're using a modern browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge. Ensure you're on a stable and reasonably fast internet connection.

I don't want my photo taken but I want to complete VIDA

Thats no problem, simply click skip in when you are setting up to do the webcam assessment. Please note skipping the webcam assessment means we are unable to assess your distance from the screen, the height of your screen and the position of your head and shoulders.

Privacy and Security

Are there any system requirements?

Yes ensure you do your assessment on a laptop or desktop with a front central webcam on a compatible browser.

How do I earn credit?

There are several ways to earn cash credit! For example if you invite another organisation and they subscribe, if you share VIDA on your company social media channels or even when you use features like inviting your team with a bulk invite! Do any of these and send a quick email to and we'll apply your credit!

How do I spend credit?

Your credit will be automatically taken off your next bill!

I have used all of my test allowances how to do I increase this ?

You can upgrade your subscription to access more monthly credits any time! You can do this from inside the application or get in touch at if you're on an enterprise subscription

How do I add another administation user?

An admin user is someone who is sending out the assessment to be complete for example a member of the HR team or a physiotherapist from your clinic.

  1. Click 'Account' on the left hand side of the homescreen
  2. Click the'Team' heading
  3. Click the + button
  4. Add the email adress and role of the person you are inviting Note a 'member' will be able to invite people to complete assesssments only, an 'admin' will be able to chnage subscription