Virtual desk assessments.
Improve health & wellbeing.

Personalised recommendations for your team to have a healthier and happier work from home experience. 

AI designed by leading physiotherapists.

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What our customers say

"At Elvie, we care about our employees well-being . While we have all been on prolonged remote working for the last few months, thinking about our remote setups and ergonomics became a priority, so instead of going with standard health & safety desk assessment check-list, we decided to go a step ahead and work with Vitrue Health and use their amazing technology help improve our lives. It only takes few minutes, is easy and fun to use, and more importantly provide great individual recommendations and tips for work setup"

- Alexandra (Head of People at Elvie) 

Meet your Legal Obligations

As an employer you are required to assess the risk caused to any employees from working at a desk - in the office or at home. VIDA is more than a box checking form though, it helps you become compliant and demonstrate care.

avoid Desk related Injuries

Desk caused muscle and joint issues like back pain are the number one cause of workplace absence with an average length of 9 days! With the proper guidance VIDA will help your team avoid these issues.

Improve Team Productivity

Good posture can give up to 45% productivity boost. Just having plants on your desk can give another 17%! VIDA will help your team meet their productivity potential by creating their perfect workspace.

Why assess your team's workspace?

New aches and pains


of employees have reported new aches and pains since starting to work from home

Headaches and migraines


of employees have increased eye strain, headaches or migraines

Lost workdays


days of work are missed in the UK alone every year due to desk related injury

Can't find solution


of employers have not found a way to comprehensively assess remote workspaces

How does it work?
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Issues like back pain are the number one cause of absence from work.

Desk setups and proper ergonomics are crucial for reducing these musculoskeletal issues and improving job satisfaction, efficiency and overall happiness. 


With the shift to remote and mobile workforces, existing manual and labour-intensive desk assessments won’t cut it. 

As experts in musculoskeletal health we can tell you, there's going to be an explosion of MSK problems for companies who don't find a way to take care of it. 

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Vitrue VIDA is the solution


Vitrue VIDA provides fully self served, in depth desk assessments using a combination of adaptive questionnaires, webcam assessments using computer vision AI technology and advanced recommendation engines.

You can provide your team with beautiful, engaging and comprehensive desk assessments reports and recommendations with no labour cost.

Beautiful, personalised reports to engage users and help employers

Every employee gets detailed recommendations to improve their setup. Employers won't need to spend huge sums without validated needs. VIDA also tailors any recommendations to a particular user’s budget.

Employers see company-wide insights on their team's key needs so they can prioritise the actions that will deliver the greatest benefits for a healthy and happy employee experience.

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