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VIDA's core product is a wellbeing and desk assessment. Burnout assessments are available in our holistic package. VIDA gives teams personalised recommendations for a healthy work experience and a way for HR to measure progress.


If you're a company that likes to show you care, VIDA is for you.

7 day free trial

Pro Wellbeing &

Desk Assessments

Legal Compliance & Driving Wellbeing


Wellbeing and desk assessments

Unlimited assessments per user

Personalised recommendations

Up to 3 Admin accounts

Wellness insights via analytics

Automated HR Workflows

Bulk invites from spreadsheets

DSE compliance certification


per person, per year


Minimum of 10 users per account

7 day free trial

Pro + Burnout

Helping Companies Improve Wellbeing


Everything in Pro plus

Unlimited burnout assessments per user

Personalised guidance to reduce factors

Unlimited admin accounts

Company/team-wide burnout insights 


per person, per year

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Minimum of 10 users per account

7 day free trial


Helping Companies Scale Wellbeing

Everything else plus

Custom recommendations

Customisable assessments

Single Sign On (OKTA)

Enterprise level support


Minimum of 500 users per account

For any questions on how VIDA can signpost your employees to your existing health and safety policies, or other wellbeing investments, chat with us >

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