Provide your patients with self served assessments

Vitrue Remote allows your clinic to offer services to patients in their own home. All tests are self served (costing you no time), from remote desk assessment to pre-appointment triage.
Save appointment time

Save time in appointments by having patients fill out background information from home using Vitrue's AI based intelligent triage tools or your own custom questions.

Provide remote desk assessments

With the shift to working from home, employers are scrambling to ensure teams have safe and appropriate work setups. Provide your customers with autonomous home desk assessments automatically done through the webcam

Improve compliance

Set up rehab protocols for your patients and give them the tools to track progress and recovery. 


How it works


Invite your patient

They'll receive a testing link right to their inbox


Patient completes

Your patient is automatically walked through the chosen test including smart questions and webcam tests


Auto reports

Results are automatically compiled to help you and your patient

* all done automatically, costing you and your physios no time!


Alisha, tennis injury

My physio sent through a Vitrue triage questionnaire before my appointment. It was great, she already had a good idea what my problem was when I got there and we just got down to it. The webcam tests were like something from the future!


Harriet, Head of Wellness

We had been providing generous vouchers to employees to enable their remote setups. They didn't know what they actually needed until we set up Vitrue Remote!


Tom, Clinic Owner

Every minute we can shave off makes a big difference. We used to send out surveys before appointments but the smart triage in Vitrue Remote is a different level. Probably saves an average 5 minutes per patient.

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