This calculator simulates the potential return on investment that you could realise by providing your team with workspace assessments through Vitrue VIDA.

Number of Employees at Desks

% of Your Team Remote Working


Annual VIDA Enabled Savings


Savings due to reduced work-pain absences


Savings from pain related productivity losses


Increase in workspace related productivity





Vitrue Health's VIDA gives your team advanced and dynamic wellbeing and desk/DSE assessments using AI adaptive questionnaires and computer vision technology for personalised health and wellbeing recommendations. 

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Based on:

2.6% incidence rate for musculoskeletal pain related absences reduced to 1% with VIDA [1]

29 day average musculoskeletal pain related absence length [1]

26% incidence in musculoskeletal pain with 15% productivity loss for people experiencing serious pain reduced to 12% incidence with VIDA [2] [3]

35% incidence in poor quality workspaces (as shown by Vitrue data) with 5% productivity loss reduced to 15% incidence with VIDA 

€50k average salary

Beyond productivity and absence-rate ROI, VIDA helps businesses avoid fines by being compliant with DSE regulations, but also care for your team. VIDA delivers on UK HSE, EU and US work from home DSE and risk assessment regulations.