Vitrues intelligent triage service is designed to get your patient started with treatment straight away!

Vitrue Triage will ask your patient to complete an adaptable questionnaire about their pain area and then analyse your movement using your webcam.

The clinician will receive a handover report and your patient a summary with recommendations on how they can start treatment straight away.

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What our users think

''A triage service is something we have always wanted but didn't know how to to start making. It means we have a very good idea of what the patient in coming in with and can address their main concerns quicker. Plus they can have already started some treatment before they see us, speeding up the recovery.''           Sorcha, Director of the Prepatory Physio

''Triage was quick and painless, it allowed me to let my physio know about my knee injury in detail before I even saw him. The webcam assessment is really impressive and I felt like I didn't need to be seen in clinic for my physio to really know what was going on!''                                         Gerard, Lawyer with a knee injury



  1.  Saves you time 

  2. Useful patient handover

  3. Start treatment sooner

  4. Helps manage remote treatment  


  1. Engages your patient

  2. Better patient outcomes

  3. Immediate treatment

  4. Impressive technology

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